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Education Partnership

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The Value of Partnership is when our school, international families and IUA work closely together  We as a team are able to provide the best possible resources and expertise to enhance the higher educational dreams of all our international students. Therefore, it is with great honor to be working with such a wonderful educational partner while helping each student reach their goals.



Our Partnership is committed to creating more opportunities for students and inspiring cross cultural exchange, ultimately leading to more respectful and sustainable communities. Through the collective actions of its member universities it advances the simplification of the admission process for students who wish to attend top-tier U.S. higher education institutions and to partake of what is distinctively a U.S. university education. 

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University Guide Book

University of 

South Carolina

University  of Mississippi

University  of Pacific

Auburn University

Cleveland State University

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University of Dayton

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American University

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Adelphi University 

University of Illinois Chicago

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Information Desk

IUA Degree Reference Guide

IUA HS Counselor Advisory Board 

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IUA HS Scholarship

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IUA Fast Facts

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