ACA Tradition #1

Beach Trip

For international students at ACA, taking a trip to Huntington Beach during the first month of school has become an annual tradition. New students are able to visit a beach in California for the first time, while returning students count the years they have left at ACA


School Retreat

ACA Tradition #2

In mid-September, all Arrowhead Christian Academy students, staff, and faculty joined together in the gorgeous mountains of Forest Home for our annual Upper School retreat. We have the ability to strengthen friendships, encounter nature and most importantly, focus on a deeper relationship with God.

Boondog Olympic

ACA Tradition #3

As a school, before our Spring Break, we compete by grade through fun Boondog Olympic Games. We cheer and scream for friends to make sure they are not slowing down. Throughout this event, we are connecting closely to each other and sharing how God loves us. 


School Dance

ACA Tradition #4

The every our academic year, Arrowhead Christian Academy hosts many DANCING events for our students. All students will wear formal suits and dresses during  their special night. In front of the camera, our international students feel like they are the main character for the night.